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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Castaic is often referred to as the Sofa Cleaning Experts in our community. Of course we clean much more than your sofa; we actually offer the complete package of upholstery cleaning services for our customers in the community.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

There could be many reasons for this including flooding, leakage of the drainage system or a roof. While you can take some basic steps to deal with the initial problem, water damage restoration could take a longer time and requires greater expertise.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

It has a total population of nineteen thousand people only. Although being from such small number, the city faces the global problem of sticking and staying of stains on carpets, tiles, upholsteries and what not. And to curb this tension of the people, we, residential carpet cleaning Castaic

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Do you have questions about your dirty rugs?

Below are the best answers to carpet cleaning questions!

Our Frequently Asked Questions page serves with a purpose. As a devoted company, we want to feature useful information on how to choose, fix, and maintain your carpets, leaving no room for errors and doubts. Continue scrolling down, it’s worth a try!

What are the risk of inefficient cleaning?

According to Carpet Cleaning Castaic technicians, insufficient cleaning methods, most being done in a do-it-yourself manner, can be risky for you and your carpet. If you or your professional service could not fully restore the original look of the carpet, you will risk of having trapped particles soiling fibers within. This will not only waste time and money but it will also waste your carpet's reliability as it will be more vulnerable to future dirt and stains.

Berber carpets – how are these cleaned?

Berber carpets are not defined by their type of fabric. Instead these are characterized by their weave. A Berber carpet features a loop construction made from nylon, wool, olefin, or a combination of these items. Berber carpets require more thorough cleaning than other rugs can, because a flushing action is needed to effectively get under, over and around the carpet's loops. If a cleaner is not careful in cleaning a Berber rug, the soil left embedded inside it will wick back to the surface.

What are the most basic ways to maintain a carpet?

There are three steps in proper carpet maintenance: frequent vacuuming, prompt cleaning of spills and stains and annual carpet cleaning. These services are usually offered by our professional carpet cleaning crew in Castaic. Do not forget that steam cleaning or hot water extraction every 18 months can help with texture retention.

How can I protect my rugs?

First of all, rug cleaning is a must. It must take place regularly or depending on foot trafficking and the right ecofriendly products must be used. Keep them away from water pipes and direct exposure to the sun to avoid discoloration and water damage. Avoid putting heavy furniture over them because their piles will get hurt.

Will cleaning products always do the trick for my carpet?

Unfortunately this depends on the type of fabric, how deep the stains are or how strong the odor is. While it is always prudent to clean your carpet as best as you can, don’t feel too bad if it isn’t effective the first time around.

Do I need to clear the room before the crew arrives?

Professional carpet cleaners are equipped with tools for hard-to-reach areas, so there is really no need to completely clear up a room. Should there be a need to move furniture items for a quicker and more efficient job, or if you plan to re-arrange them afterward, you can leave all the heavy lifting to the cleaning crew.

Which carpets last longer?

The long lasting of carpets depends on various factors. First you must choose the right fibers depending on whether you want carpets for high traffic areas or not. Then you must make sure they're installed correctly. From this point onwards, our experts insist that it will depend on the quality of carpet maintenance. The frequency of carpet cleaning and immediate stain removal will also help them last for long.

Which is the best way to remove pet hair from upholstery?

This depends on the material which the upholstery is made from and on the weave. Still, using damp rubber glove should produce good results. You may want to try the sticky side of tape as well. You can use a rubber brush especially designed for pet hair removal. Just make sure that it can be held firmly and that its bristles are not very short.

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